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Who We Are

The Fitness Protection Program ™️ is a virtual, comprehensive cardio-based fitness experience that aims to protect your health for life.

What We Do
We offer three suites of products: 

(Re)Build - designed for people who are new to fitness or returning after an extended (6+ months) break

Maintain - designed to retain fitness gains earned during training cycles 

Runner, Interrupted™️ - a support program for athletes whose journey has been disrupted by injury

FPP will launch with running-based products in 2019 and plans to expand in 2020.

How We Do It
All programs are designed by a coordinated team of experts and deployed by our coaching team via Training Peaks and videos that will be available in the membership area of the website. You will have opportunities to interact directly with your coaches via livestreams and weekly Q&A sessions, and can meet other athletes if you opt into our private online community as well.

All coaches in the Fitness Protection Family of Brands adhere to the brand promise of positivity, inclusivity, and empowerment through the creation of fitness habits you can keep for life. "If we do our jobs correctly, you could eventually coach yourself; If we do our jobs well, you won't want to try."


MK Fleming, Founder and Head Coach
Coach MK started running when she was 6 years old, participating in her father's cardio rehab following a quintuple bypass. 35 years later, he is still living and she is still running. In a former life she can barely remember, she was a sales-trader in Hong Kong and Tokyo. She, her husband and 4 kids call Denver home and never want to leave.

Chilly half marathon photo.jpeg

Sarah Axelrod, Assistant Coach

I started running 14 years ago, a college student who saw her body as a problem to be solved. Having grown up surrounded by competitive people and natural athletes, I always felt like the odd one out. I ran my first marathon in 2006 and several more after that, but I didn't look in the mirror and see a runner until maybe two years ago. For me, being #coachedandloved was the life change I never saw coming. It gave me the eyes to see my body as powerful, perfectly made and full of potential.

Without perspective, competence is useless. I am excited to combine my knowledge and my experiences to support you on your journey, ensuring that you are #coachedandloved every single day and never question that you are indeed #winningatlife.

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